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Esco Bar 2.5k Mesh

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Product Description

Esco Bar 2.5k Puffs Mesh

The Esco Bar vape by Pastel Cartel is a new popular device due to the incredible taste and powerful buzz it delivers. Equipped with an enormous 1000mAh battery, these are the top shelf premium disposables

Flavors Include:
Banana Ice - Our best selling flavor due to the fact that no other vape brand has been able to master such a delicious flavor as well as the Esco Bars.
Red Apple - Tastes like biting into ripe juicy honey crisp apple.
Strawberry Ice - A classic flavor amongst modern vape disposables, this flavor tastes like a juicy strawberry and a splash of menthol that will leave you feeling like you just ate a fresh mint.
Peach Ice - The perfect mix of menthol and the sweetness of a peach.
Bubble Gum Ice - The perfect flavor for those who want to experience a sweet pink gum flavor and want to catch a nic buzz at the same time.
Rainbow - The Rainbow flavor is a mix of sweetness with different tones to it. This is one of the best selling flavors for these vapes.
Spearmint - The Spearmint flavor of the pastel cartel Esco Bars will leave your feeling as if you had just eaten a mint. It is incredibly fresh with a tone of sweetness.
Watermelon Ice - Tastes like a ripe cold watermelon on a hot Mission Texas afternoon.
Blue Raspberry - This Esco Bar is the perfect flavor for someone who is looking for the smooth and sweet taste of Blue Raspberry.
Mango Ice - The Mango Ice Esco bar is reminiscent of a ripe and tropical mango, added is a pinch of ice to leave the user feeling extra fresh.
Grape Ice - This flavor is exactly what it sounds like, grape flavor with a refreshing tone to it.
Blue Razz Cotton Candy - Classic blue raspberry flavor with just a hint of your favorite ball game snack, cotton candy!

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